Saturday, May 9, 2015

Update: Life as we know it

Hihi my little rays of sunshine!

Yes, I've been #basically MIA. It has been a CRAY couple of weeks, more cray than usual. I missed my first Wake-Up Wednesday (super sad panda about this) but I was so exhausted this week I just couldn't get around to editing/uploading. Rather than sacrifice the little time I had as is for sleep, I decided to just cold turkey it all for a couple of days and collect myself a bit.

In the midst of juggling the real world and my life here on the internet, I've been contemplating a lot about this almost parallel universe I live in on my puzzle piece of the internet. I have so many goals and I constantly tell myself to push on and meet self-set deadlines but at the same time, my "real-world" life isn't always as easy as a schedule. Things come up, plans change, and you live life as best as you can, right?

My question to you all today is HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? I work a full time salary job and live in the city; I'm also Mommy to a dog and live out on my own fully supporting myself. Any advice for success and consistency with the blogging world? Also, any honest feedback you have about my blog/YT/etc.? I feel like I'm blindly doing everything on my own and I'd love some help/advice/mentorship on what y'all do!

I admire so many wonderful people on the internet and aspire to be as inspirational as they are but with my own twist. I just need a little help because I'm struggling big time with accountability, consistency, and organization of it all :P

Send over some inspiration and love if you get a chance--I'd love to hear from y'all and just get some new perspective :) Thanks for all of your support!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Fashion Friday: Cropped tops and High Waists

Hiya Sunshines!

Bringing back the "Fashion Friday" in this quick outfit post--if you've watched my latest vlog here, you'll know that I recently spent a day at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, SF. It was super fun and I had a blast exploring the different exhibits and activities the open-to-the-public festival had to offer. In the vlog, I promised y'all that I would share my outfit of the day and so here it is! You can't really see any of it in the video but I thought it was a cute look for exploring a festival so here it is! I was actually wearing some WAY cuter shoes that I recently got from DSW (cameo in the video!) but I swapped them out during a break back home for lunch. I'll put a picture of them at the end because a) they're perfect and b) so you can image the complete outfit in all it's style!

Outfit deets:

Long Sleeved Striped Crop Top: Forever 21
Black, White & Gold Triangle Necklace: Gift
High-Waisted Denim Shorts: Thrifted & DIY-ed
Nude Satchel Purse: Ebay? Amazon? (old)
Gladiator "Sock" Sandals (pictured): Marshalls
Nude Gladiator Heels: Lucky Brand, from DSW

 I know cropped tops aren't for everyone but I'm okay with a loose-fit because it feels like a longer-cropped top and is much more forgiving. By pairing it with high-waisted jeans, its just a sliver of skin that shows so I'm game with this look! (Though I will admit, even that little bit of "air-time" can make the difference between warm and cold--you've been warned!)

My fashion photoshoots are super fast (usually done in a matter of minutes) but as you can tell by Pepper's exasperated look, it's still a bit too long--she's certainly a little princess alright! :P

That's it! Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below--aye or nay?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Influenster Hello VoxBox UNBOXING | TheSunnyScenery

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